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Our counselors provide in-home and in-office individual, family, and group therapeutic interventions. In fact, our staff and associates are experienced in working with families involved with the El Paso Juvenile Probation Department, the Department of Families and Protective Services, and social service agencies.


Are you dealing with discipline, punishment, roles, rules, or boundary issues? Our professional counselors and case managers have the knowledge and experience to help you manage difficult childhood and adolescent behavioral issues.


After an initial assessment process, which includes in-depth discussions with immediate and extended family members, our case managers will formulate a tailored family service and crisis plan. Consequently, this case management process will help your family develop important life-skills and gain access to needed community resources.


Relationships are often difficult. We can help you to have more loving relationships with those who are important to you.

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• Increase positive communication with
   loved ones.
• Participate in more activities together as
   a couple or family.
• Decrease arguing, isolation and general
   family discord.


We provide services required by legal and social service agencies. Services may be provided on an in-home or in-office basis.

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These agencies include:
• The Juvenile Probation Department
• Child Protective Services
• The Adult Probation Department
• The 65th District Drug Court


Are you tired of your lifestyle? We can help you and your loved ones with difficult life issues. Our approaches are caring, understanding and strength based.
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We can help you to address:
• Substance Abuse Issues
• Gang Involvement
• Parenting Issues
• Relationship Issues