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Pinnacle Social Services

Our Approach to Therapy is personal, specialized, and unique

online counseling services, addiction & substance abuse therapy, trauma/PTSD, stress, generalized anxiety, complicated grief, sexual, emotional and or physical abuse, cognitive Processing Therapy
couples Counseling, didactic Therapy Groups, eye movement desensitization & reprocessing (EMDR), ADD/ADHD, eating disorders, panic disorders, Phobias, Somatoform disorder, family systems therapy
high performance neurofeedback (HPN), family counseling, Depression, panic attacks, autism spectrum, Insomnia, learning disabilities, individual counseling, mindfulness based treatment

Practiced Modalities

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Our Mission

Pinnacle Social Services' mission is to ensure that quality therapeutic and case management services are provided to the individuals and families we serve so that they may realize their full life potential. We will achieve this mission by utilizing culturally sensitive approaches, proven therapeautic interventions, and collaborating with community entities pertinent to each individual's and family's needs. We will conduct our operations in an honest and ethically responsible manner. Above all, we will always strive to put the needs, desires and the dreams of our clients first.

Introducing Pinnacle-NeuroZen Collaboration

Pinnacle Social Services has provided quality therapeutic services to the EL Paso Community for over 15 years. We are proud to announce a collaboration of coordination of care with NeuroZen Inc.

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